Miracle – A collection

It’s always interesting to see the reaction people have to this piece. It varies from the young asking “who was number 80 and why did so many people sign his jersey?” to “that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen”.

Most people over 35 or hockey fans of all ages know this is a collection commemorating the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team that won the gold medal that year. On U.S. soil in Lake Placid, NY over the heavily- favored Russians no less. Actually they beat Russia to get to the gold medal game where they beat Finland for the gold, but the U.S. vs Russia game was the more memorable one “Do you believe in miracles” is what Al Michaels asked as the seconds wound down. Over thirty years later that game is still widely-regarded as one of the most important moments is U.S. sports history…arguably the MOST important.

The jersey you see is signed by all twenty players from the 1980 team. We then added authentic tickets from both the “miracle” game and the gold medal game. Two of the souvenir pucks that have become very difficult to find let alone in mint condition like these. We also added two of the posters that were hung around town leading up to and during the Olympic Games; these are works of art themselves.

Lastly, we added the two Sports Illustrated issues that featured this miraculous team, both of which are in near mint condition.

This truly is a collection of memorabilia in one magnificent piece, expertly framed by our partner, Colbert Custom Framing. Since it’s over 6’ wide and we couldn’t use a single mat, Kevin Colbert had the great idea to use the alternating red and blue suede mats that the jersey lays on. As you can see, it turned out incredibly.